Engage Your Business

Business make enormous contribution to our work. By their partnership it allows us to serve in the areas we do. Businesses partnership with us is another way they fulfil their corporate social responsibility.

Fundraise for Us

Resources are needed to help us serve where it is most needed. You can partner with us through fundraising for any of our projects. Fundraising for us, allows you to connect with our work in a meaningful way, as resources committed to us helps us to serve.


Our work over the years has been supported through the generousity of individuals, families, churches and businesses. You can support us through regular giving or a one off donation.

Engage Your Church

Churches are integral to our work, as over the years contributions from churches has helped us to make a difference in the lives of many. Engaging your church allows the local church to make a difference in regions beyond.


We love the helping hands we receive from time to time across the different departments we have. To volunteer with us makes a great contribution to our operations and allows us to continue with the service we provide.