Our core values


We believe that the real need of every man is salvation. This moves us to put Christ as the focal point of all our work and show the love of Christ to all men at all cost.


As God’s Word is infallible and powerful beyond measure, we work as an organisation in line with the Word of God in order to glorify God.


Working in love (agape) is fundamental to all our work. We firmly believe that it is only on the basis of agape love that a true difference can be made in the lives of people.

One At A Time

We work to reach many people, but it is also one soul at a time. We take time and interest in the lives of people and provide the necessary support. We apply our resources if it will yield the result of one soul being saved as we are prepared to rejoice with heaven over one soul.


Jesus made it clear that He came purposely for the redemption of humanity. We as an organisation do not discriminate or support discrimination in any form, rather, we accommodate all people.

We are Partners

We operate through forming partnerships with various Christian institutions and churches to effectively propagate the Gospel and disciple believers. Partnerships are at the heart of our activities as we believe that partnerships with local bodies maximises the effectiveness of our work.